Query the CBRC database (beta)

This is a preliminary form which can be used to query raw data from the CBRC records database. Although this database contains records as early as 1880, certain pre-1997 records may be missing. For a complete accounting of older records through 2004 and selected records through 2006, please refer to the book "Rare Birds of California" available here.

Note: If you check the "partial matches" box while leaving the species blank, it will display all CBRC reviewed records for the entered county.

The display may include some cryptic fields. An explanation of the status codes and a list of standard county codes are below.

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Explanation of Status Codes


Status Descriptions

A Accepted
B Batched
C Recirculate
E Not Accepted - Establishment of introduced population questionable
I Info needed
M Hold for meeting
N New
O Not Accepted - Natural occurrence questionable
Q Assigned record number, but shouldn't have
R Not Accepted - ID not established
S Split into multiple records
U Unsubmitted
W Not Accepted - Withdrawn by observer
X Unknown status