California Bird Records Committee

Bird Photos

Not all photos published here have been accepted by the California Bird Records Committee (CBRC), and indeed, some Not Accepted records are included for educational purposes. Records with a formal decision from the CBRC are indicated, although not all records with a listed decision have yet been published.

Each record with a formal decision has been, or will be, published in a CBRC Annual Report. Annual Reports often provide the rationale for the committee's decision and may include additional information. Annual Reports are published in Western Birds. All published reports are archived here.

The annual reports typically contain sightings from a given year and most records appear in an annual report published the following year. Note that in certain instances, records take more than one year to review or are submitted too late for inclusion in the next report. For further discussion of any of the "Accepted" or "Not Accepted" photos please refer to the annual report from that year. These records are published as soon as possible after a decision is reached, and such records will take more effort to find the corresponding CBRC report. A book compiling all CBRC decisions through 2003 and selected decisions through 2006 has been published and is available online here.