Purposes of the CBRC

This listing of the purposes of the CBRC is from the Bylaws of the California Bird Records Committee:

A. Endorse records of selected birds from the State of California and adjacent ocean, including, but not limited to, all such records submitted for publication to any official journal or checklist of the Western Field Ornithologists. "Adjacent Ocean" is herein defined as that area within 200 nautical miles of the California coast and for which California is the nearest point of land.

B. Permanently maintain or cause to be maintained the original bird records and all Committee votes and comments for use by future bird students.

C. Publish at least minimal data on all records receiving a decision.

D. Provide a means by which sight records can gain universal acceptance as valuable scientific data.

E. Increase knowledge of the birds of California.

F. Establish standards of observation and reporting against which field observers may compare their own techniques.

G. Keep, or cause to be kept, the official California State Bird List.